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Orange Pest Control Service is the best pest control in Australia. We also providing best service in Bangladesh. Our large number of working Team are willing to provide service. Engineer-Technician-will monitor the pest control system to provide a best service as you want or needed.We use foreign chemical that imported from USA,GERMANY,AUSTRALIA.They are using this Chemical for Pest Control. We control your Building all kinds of crawling insects & fly also if needed. Our Service providing all over Bangladesh. Your family member may stay home our servicing period, because of no impact of health You can trust about our pest prevention. Your family member may stay home our servicing period, because of no impact of health. We want your pest free living with happiness. We take a little charges from your Building as a safety living from insects like Cockroach, Ants, Termites & more.

Dangers of Termite Damage

One of the most dangerous things about termites is their ability to hide. This allows them to go unnoticed for very long periods of time.
insecticides to buildings as well as grounds, using spray pumps other equipment,Digs up, spray with mechineIdentify reports evidence of pest infestation
May drive service vehicles or equipment
Bangladesh is native to some 251 insects that might and will invade your home searching for water and food. Pest control can provide a barrier to help keep some of these 6-8 legged and winged friends form trying to live with you. There are a variety of chemicals out there we can use to treat for the little legged creatures. Some of the most common pests/insects that we see the surrounding areas/counties are German Cockroaches, American Cockroaches (water bugs), Wasps,Bed-Bug,Rats,Termite,Snakes , Carpenter bees, yellow jackets, bees, carpenter ants,sugar ants, fire ants, Fleas, & ticks. preventative monthly or quarterly pest service can prevent them from moving in. A family’s health can be affected by these little creatures depending on the infestation or insect toxic and even killing a human if not treated properly. Cockroaches can trigger asthma attacks and spread salmonellao .

A single termite colony can have tens – even hundreds – of thousands of individual termites within it. Some species, like the Formosan termite (considered one of the most aggressive), can have 500,000 individual insects in a single colony. Most species of termites are relatively small, but with numbers like those, it's easy to see how all of those little mouths can add up to lots of eaten wood over time.

It takes years for a colony of termites to do the kind of damage that would cause a house to actually fall down. Termites cause damage a lot more slowly than many people imagine; homes where a brand-new infestation has set in are not likely to have any severe damage (at least none caused by the bugs). It should be noted, however, that taking care of a termite problem as soon as it is detected is a good idea for monetary reasons. Although they may not cause your home to collapse.